Fan Mail from Attendees

“Great turnout!!!! Loved to see the community coming together and supporting our local businesses!!!! We enjoyed the cheeses, maple products, and seeing people out…Cannot wait to see what new comes next year as every year this gets bigger and better!”

“My brother came from Albany for the Little Falls Cheese Festival. He said, ‘I can’t believe I just spent $130 on cheese…on cheese!! I’m so happy!’ “

“Came w/son and granddaughter…it was great. Well put on many vendors and samples. We all love cheese…got a lot to bring home…and wine. A nice enjoyable family event…looking forward to next year.”

“We had a great time and delicious food! It was great food and entertainment!”

“Once again, awesome!!! Thank you, Little Falls, for putting this together!! Proud to be a valley girl!”

“Had a great time……, food, cheese galore……I will go back next year.”

“OMG, I think I’ve gone to Cheese Heaven!”

“Congrats to one and all on another well-organized event.  I liked the new layout for the vendor booths.  The music was a plus!!”

“My whole family went yesterday to the cheese festival in Little Falls and it was very nice. We are cheese lovers and got to sample and buy many different kinds. It was our first time there.”

Fan Mail from Vendors

“Best single day of sales, ever!!”

“It was very organized, helpful workers, people there to buy cheese, not just taste.”

“A wonderful, charming cheese festival…it was exhausting and exciting to talk to so many people about one of my favorite subjects–cheese–and to have them sample virtually every type we make.”

“Great amount of buying customers.”

“Obviously great sales, but very well attended by individuals that were interested in buying your product and everyone else’s product. Everyone had bags to take home. They were there to buy! Very high-end event.”

Fan Mail from Sponsors

“Thank you for once again planning and coordinating a wonderful venue at the festival.  Too many times people only acknowledge when things go wrong but I think it is equally important to express gratitude for a job well done. I appreciate what you do!”

“Everyone did an amazing job organizing this! Hats off to you, for your countless hours and passionate vision that this could be what it is growing to be! So excited!! Little Falls was so “alive”!! As it is for all its wonderful events. Nice to see a community that works together so well!! Again, so happy to be a part of this historical event! Can’t wait for next year!”

“We like the Cheese Festival’s many various facets. All the tours, the information you provide, and all the different vendors give the Cheese Festival great flavor! The set-up on the street, with the street closed to traffic, is ideal. Additionally, having customers meander down both sides of the tent is good for business.

“Great event, proud to be a sponsor. Count me in next year!”